Remembering David Roberts Warehouse & Logistics Director

Dave started his career in mobile in 1999 and was one of 3 founding partners at Eurostar Global.

We sadly lost Dave in February 2021.

Over two decades of handling and managing products, carriers, and a dedicated team of people, Dave developed a broad spectrum of experience.

Over the course of his career, Dave worked in Retail, Warehousing/Distribution, Technical, Repairs, and configuration. For 10 years from inception to 2017, Dave managed all day-to-day Warehouse & Logistics operations at Eurostar Global. Dave nurtured and supported his team, to eventually promote his right-hand man into the Operations Manager and then continued to work closely with his team, always giving everything to see the company succeed.

Dave's mantra was "Always outnumbered - never outgunned".

Dave is, and always will be a dad to 1, a regular golf enthusiast, a keen follower of football, and forever a part of the Eurostar team.

Telephone +44 (0)1782 565 555